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We will provide a detailed overview of the functions has to offer (Desktop Version).




In the future, services will be increasingly available online, with the need to adjust it to the customer’s needs. Hospitality 4.0 can be implemented through modern IT technologies.


Nexxchange offers a software-as-a-service solution for property management systems with a centralized booking engine (cross-booking platform, also available as API ) in our Portal and a booking marketplace for every customer.



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For the Golf Industry, Nexxchange has developed a modern, fully integrated booking portal, offering numerous online-services.


Users have the possibility to register and to save a variety of data, including personal information, their Federation-ID, their Membership and even allowing you to add friends, which enables you to view when their next Tee Time is booked - All secured by modern encryption and GDPR standards:




What we offer our customers:


  1. Nexxchange offers the end consumer an online solution that allows you to view Tee Time calendars, booking options and prices in a transparent way.

  2. Nexxchange offers online Golf Club management software including:

    a. Agent Module, an innovation for the B2B world: It connects Golf Clubs and partners from the world of tourism (hotels, travel agencies, ...) online. It allows for innovative collaborations and for regulating the flow of players in the different seasons with combined offers dedicated to Customers who want to enjoy a golf holiday.

    b. Dynamic corporate association, a new form of association for corporate customers, flexible and advantageous. Thanks to an efficient management tool, it is possible to manage authorizations to play, book Tee Times in a dynamic and flexible way, print and send bookings to guests via email. The Golf Club has the option of automatically recognizing the corporate membership formula.


On this page, you will find the answer to the following frequently asked Questions (FAQ), in depth:


How can I register myself on the Nexxchange Marketplace?

How can I book a TeeTime?

How can I book for (a) Friend(s)?

How do I add a Rental Item?

Where can I see my Bookings?

How do I register my Membership?


How can I register myself on the Nexxchange Marketplace?


Once you open the homepage of our Nexxchange Marketplace, click on Login in the upper right corner. Then, click under the tab “New to Nexxchange?”, click on the button “Register”:


Fill out the registration form to create a new account.


An E-Mail-Address & a mobile phone number is mandatory for the registration.

Please enter your number with the international prefix first, e.g. +43 or +49 XXX…

This data is mandatory to inform and contact you about any changings about your bookings placed.


You will then have the opportunity to register on our site. The mandatory fields are:


  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • E-Mail-Address

  • A valid mobile phone number

  • Password


By clicking on the "Sign up to Nexxchange"-button, a message will appear inviting you to activate your account by clicking on the link sent towards your defined E-Mail-Address.


Once the activation link has been opened, the system will inform you that you successfully signed up.


Once created, you can log in with your E-Mail-Address and password.



Use the “Login”-button located at the upper, right corner of our Marketplace to log in.



Insert your E-Mail-Address and your Password. Click on “Remember Me” if you want to save your account’s credentials, to stay logged in.


Please be aware - Updates of your browser-software or cleaning up your Cookies&Cache might result in loosing your account’s saved credentials.

You can always set a new password if you forget your password, as long as you remember you E-Mail-Address in use.



After logging in, you can add your personal data by clicking on your account’s name in the upper right corner:


The blue dot signalizes a notification regarding a new notification, in this case, a new friendship request.


Click on ”Profile" to open an overview of your profile:



Then click on the “Cog-Icon”:


Afterwards on “General settings” (with the gear icon in the background):




Under “Profile”, you can add additional information for your account.



← Enter your personal data and click on “Submit”.




You may also freely edit your privacy’s options.

Navigate back to “Account Settings” and click on “Privacy”.

You can use a "Nickname" for your bookings (the nickname will be displayed in the Tee Time calendar) or decide whether other players can read your name (or your nickname) or to remain anonymous.



Click on “Submit” to save the options defined.


On our home page (Nexxchange Marketplace) you will be able to find the Golf Club of your interest and view its Tee Times available, tournaments past, present and future, as well as potential rental objects, perhaps even being able to book specific services (other sports for instance).


This quick search function allows you to search for all Golf Clubs available via Nexxchange.



How can I book a TeeTime?


To book in a Golf Club, you have to search for it first. Click into the search-field to enable an overview of all existing Golf Clubs using our Software. You can scroll through the list or opt to search and enter the Golf Club you are looking for:



In this scenario, we enter the Golf Club we are looking for…



Then, once narrowed down, click on it to open it’s overview - with all its available Tee Times.




Depending on the Golf Club, you may have the option to book different courses and variations (e.g. 18H/9H).


You can also click on the Golf Club itself to open a different overview, seeing all the Flights you can book, alongside additional data, or add this Golf Club to your Favorites:




To start a booking process, simply click on the blue “golf club”-icon (or any other similar icon):



To book a Tee Time, please follow these simple steps:


  1. Choose your preferred time beforehand

  2. Add friends, add and search for other association members, book Rental Items, and perhaps book a later TeeTime (if the option is provided) immediately:

  3. Accept the cancellation terms - This is necessary to continue with the booking:

  4. Finalize the booking.

If provided, you will have the possibility to select the 9 or 18 holes and also subsequent TeeTimes.





You may also qualify to use a corporate membership. You can click on the “Do not use Corporate Membership”-Button to opt-out (e.g. you want to book a private flight):



Furthermore, you may have the option to define a Promo Code (if the Golf Club supports this feature):



Once booked, you will receive an E-Mail with a booking confirmation. Each person you have booked for will receive a separate E-Mail, provided they:


  1. Already have a Nexxchange-Account and

  2. Have an eligible E-Mail-Address connected with their Nexxchange-Account


The E-Mail received will look like this (subject to change):



You will receive additional information about:


  • What you booked,

  • for whom,

  • at what time,

as a confirmation of your booking process being approved.


How can I book for (a) Friend(s)?


If you want to play together with other players, just select them in the booking window by pressing on the “Additional players” element.


On the "Players" screen you can see the option to:


  • Choose a Friend or add a new one directly, clicking on the blue silhouette-icon:


  • Find/Add a new player using the search-function below:


If you choose the latter, search for the First Name and the Last Name, in their respective fields, of the person you want to play with and click on "Search for player". One of 2 scenarios will occur:



  1. If found, you will see the person, listed with their Homeclub and HCPI.

  2. If not found, you are given the option to choose your entry, essentially rendering it a guest


Click on the correct entry you want to add. If the Golf Club allows for anyone to book, this essentially creates a new Nexxchange-Account, in case you choose a person with “No Association Membership”.



Then, the player will be added to your booking:





How to join a Friend’s Flight


You may join a friend’s booking directly - Click on the symbol shown below:



This then opens the Notifications, which also shows you open friend requests:



Simply click on the golf club next to a booking placed by a friend. If there is still an open spot, you can directly book to play with your friend.




How do I add a Rental Item?


On the "Rental Items" screen, if provided by the Golf Club, you have the possibility to reserve a rental item.

The rental items available will be shown in the drop-down menu once you click on the specific field. The remaining rental Items, which can still be booked, are shown in brackets:




If activated, you might also be able to leave an online booking comment. This can be useful to let the Golf Club know about your preference or perhaps an additional rental which could be used:



Where can I see my Bookings?


For an overview of your placed orders (or bookings), click on your Account and press on “Orders”:



This will lead you to your personal booking overview, including bookings for Tee Times and Tournaments:



You may sort by either:


  1. Upcoming

  2. Last 30 days

  3. Year to Date


← You may also cancel your complete order by clicking this red button.


In case you booked for friends, you can delete singular booking positions:



For each booking, you will also receive a confirmation E-Mail. You will also receive a confirmation every time you cancel a booking, including the following information:


  • Starting Time

  • Number of Players

  • Price

  • Golf Course




Click on the following icon to open the booking dialog:



How do I register my Membership?


By clicking your username at the top right corner, a drop-down menu will open:



Click on ”Profile":



Then click on the “Cog-Icon”:



Navigate to “Golf”:



Your membership(s) will be shown under “Golf Club Memberships”.

Once verified, your “Golf Association Memberships” will be shown too:



If your Association Membership has been verified, it will also be visible once you click on “Profile”:



Verifying your Golf Association Membership



← Click on this button to start the process.


If you are a member of a Golf Club managed by Nexxchange, it will show in the quick overview:



If it is also your Home Club, a house icon will be shown next to it:



Click on the federation of your choice and it will show you what information is required. Currently, we support 4 federations.



Österreichischer Golf-Verband



Federazione Italiana Golf



Nederlandse Golf Federatie



Deutscher Golf Verband