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What is Nexxchange marketplace?

The future lies in networking services and adapting them to individual customer requirements. This "hospitality 4.0" will be implemented using modern, comprehensive IT technologies. Nexxchange is the only provider worldwide to combine a software-as-a-service solution for property management systems with a centralised (cross-place online) booking engine in the portal and a rights booking marketplace.

For the golf sector, Nexxchange has developed a modern, fully integrated booking portal that offers you various Internet services.

The user has the possibility to register to receive personalized information.

  1. Nexxchange offers end customers a web-based booking portal for start times, with previously unavailable transparency in booking options and prices.
  2. Nexxchange also offers online golf club management software for golf club operators:
    1. "Agents booking module", an innovation in the B2B area of our booking portal: online link between golf clubs and tourism partners (agents: hotels, travel agencies or external booking offices), basis for an innovative and promising utilisation optimisation through seasonally suitable, customer-oriented combination offers for golf short holidays.
    2. "Dynamic Corporate Membership", a new membership-sharing model with which corporate memberships can now be used even more flexibly and cost-effectively. An efficient administration tool is used to manage the list of eligible players online, set tee times dynamically and flexibly, print them out or send them by e-mail to the invited player. The golf club immediately recognizes the booking as a corporate membership booking.

How do I register on Nexxchange?

Once you are at www.nexxchange.com, go to the top right corner of "Login" and enter the email address you want to use for registration.
Once you have clicked on "Login", the registration process will start:

An email address and a mobile phone are mandatory.
If you are active online, you must also be able to change your password at any time.
In a clean process, a unique e-mail address or mobile phone number is required for this in order to be able to communicate when a seat is locked.

You can also set up your own privacy settings before clicking on "Sign up to Nexxchange".

These settings will be saved in the future, which will guarantee the connection to the association.

How to save your golf association membership data at Nexxchange

After successfully entering your profile at Nexxchange, please go to " Your name (top right) " and " Settings ".

Now click on "Golf" to enter your golf club and association memberships:

After you have entered the membership data and created the link to the association by clicking on "Submit Golf Association", you can now proceed with the booking.

How do I log in to the Nexxchange Marketplace?

Please always log in by entering your email address and password (see screenshot).

How do I find golf courses or free start times?

Please login to the marketplace, there you will find the available golf courses under "select the golf club to book start times!" in the "TEETIME - SEARCH" page (see screenshot).

The quick search function allows you to search based on: distance, golf club, price and date. At the clubs, you can then retrieve and select the free start times by time.

Quick access to your Homeclub

If you would like to book directly in your home club, you will now see your home golf club

Wie kann ich die Nexxchange-Seite auf meinem Handy hinzufügen?

Please always log in from your mobile phone by entering your email address and password (see screenshot).


Nach dem Login haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die Seite im Mobil Modus aufzurufen.

You can use the following steps to add the Nexxchange page to the home screen. This allows you to call up the page faster and you do not need to log in every time. (Applies to Apple & Andriod cell phones!)

Applies to Apple & Andriod cell phones!


After you have added the page, you will now find the Nexxchange Icon on your home screen.

How do I book a start time?

How do I find golf courses or free start times?, log on to the market place and select the menu item "Teetime search".

At the clubs you can then select the free start times according to time and by simply clicking on the green + sign in real time, directly, clearly, continuously and comfortably book or cancel your start times (incl. follow-up booking) (see screenshot).

The direct bookings are now carried out via the start time booking area of the Nexxchange marketplace.

Depending on the club, you can simply select the number of holes (9 or 18) and then press "Book".

Cancellation conditions

Please do not forget to accept the cancellation conditions of the golf club by placing a "" in front of the cancellation conditions (see screenshot below).
Cancellation conditions are mandatory for all bookings.

In the booking overview, do not forget to accept the cancellation conditions of the golf club by placing a "" in front of the cancellation conditions (see screenshot below).

Booking confirmation (see screenshot).

You will receive a confirmation email at the same time:

The bookings can also be found on the homepage under your own name ORDERS.

Here the bookings of the last 30 days or since the beginning of the year can be retrieved and the existing bookings can also be cancelled (see screenshot).

How can I book a golf simulator?

You need to select the desired golf club in order to see the simulators availability and choose the starting time from the list (see screenshot below).

You then need to specify how long you want to rent it in the following window.

In order to conclude your booking you must accept the cancellation terms and click on "Book".

Afterwards you will receive a confirmation email for the booking.

How can I make a follow-up booking for a start time?

As with the start time booking (above), by selecting "Additional Start Time" and clicking on "Proceed with booking". You will then receive an overview of all bookable flights including the number of freely available start times (in brackets) (see screenshot). 

Note: it could be impossible to book a follow-up start time due to the golf club booking policy

How can I book for my friend(s)?

If you would like to play together with other players, which are determined by you there, simply select them in the booking dialog and reserve them with them (see screenshot).

What payment methods are available?

  • On-site payment
  • Credit card

The club decides whether guests must pay by credit card or on site at the club.

Data protection

Your credit card is not stored, but (for security reasons) only a token (PCI Compliance). With this token, you can still use the credit card payment again and again without having to re-enter the credit card data (similar to Amazon and other large online providers).

Click on the following link for a short video explaining how to pay online for TeeTime quickly and conveniently: Credit card payment

Where can I see my deposited credit card? Where can I delete it or enter a new one?

After you have logged in, navigate to your "Name" (Max Muster) and select the item "Settings".

Under "Settings" select the tab "Credit cards".

How do I know that my reservation/cancellation has been confirmed?

Nexxchange will send you a confirmation email for your reservation (including your follow-up booking if applicable), as well as your cancellation with the following details:

Start time, number of players, price and golf course (see screenshot).

Calendar entry

In the appendix of your booking you will find the possibility to include the reserved green fee in your calendar (see image above - appendix).

You can also go directly to the bookings and download a file to add to your calender by clicking the  icon (see screenshot below).

Do I need a handicap to book starting times?

This depends on the golf club booking policy.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, in accordance with the golf club's instructions on when you can cancel a reservation, you can view and, if necessary, cancel your reservations on nexxchange.com after logging into the "Orders" menu area (see screenshot).

How do I change my personal information?

Please log in at www.nexxchange.com and click on your name in the upper right corner, open the drop-down list and under "Settings" you can change your profile and settings online and then submit.
To change your account information, please contact Nexxchange Support (support@nexxchange.com).

How do I change my password?

Open the www.nexxchange.com/ page and under "Login" (top right) the login page will open and select "Forgot your password? ».

Please enter your e-mail address and press "Submit".

You will then receive an e-mail containing a link. If you follow the link, you can change your password.

What do I have to do if I want to book from 6:00 a.m.?

If the club is already offering TeeTimes at this time, you can simply advance the visibility next to the date display.

Where can I see who and whether my friends have booked?

If your friends have booked, you will see a number next to the start times (which represents the number of people who have booked at that time). If you move the mouse pointer over the figure , you will also see their names (according to their privacy settings).

What do the colours mean when booking tee time?

If I want to book a new start time, I could have shown the start times in different colours in the Teetime overview:

Orange: during this period the GolfClub has blocked the start times. Therefore no booking is possible.
Green: the Tee Time is bookable. You can see how many start times can be booked from the figure below.
White: this start time is no longer bookable, as 4 players are already registered for this time.

My booking has been blocked. Am I blocked?

There is a possibility that the golf club you wanted to book with has blocked you (Tag:OnlineBookingDenied). Please contact the golf club directly in this case.

EU data protection basic regulation: Settings

You can check your privacy settings under Settings - Privacy.

Data protection - basic regulation: which rights do I have?

The GDPR grants the following rights for your personal data.
You have the right to:

  1. Information, according to article 15 GDPR
  2. Corrigendum, pursuant to Article 16 GDPR
  3. Cancellation, pursuant to Article 17 GDPR
  4. Restriction of processing, pursuant to Article 18 GDPR
  5. Data transferability, pursuant to Article 20 GDPR
  6. Opposition, pursuant to Article 21 GDPR
  7. Decisions which are not exclusively based on automated processing - including profiling, pursuant to Article 22 GDPR

If you have an account with us, you can assert your rights in the self-disclosure procedure. Otherwise, we ask for your understanding that we require further information about your identity. This also serves your protection, so that only authorized persons have access to your data.

If you click on "Review my account data" or "Download my account data", an overview of the data that you have saved appears.
An example of this:

Do you want to delete your account with us? Then choose "Request account deletion":

Why is my name not visible to everyone?

For data protection reasons your name is not visible in the default setting (not everyone wants to be publicly visible). But you can change this under "Settings" and after some time (at the latest the day after) your name will appear in the TeeTime view.

You can choose between the following name visibility options:

  • in the TeeTime calendar: for no one or for each registered user
  • For tournament results: for no one, all or for members of my home club
  • Nickname (pseudonym): if you want to be visible with a nickname

With SUBMIT you save the settings and can change them again and again under "Settings".

Video library

Credit card payment1:15Pay quickly and conveniently online with your credit card TeeTime
Registration on Nexxchange
Our registration process simple, secure and convenient

Agent module

The Nexxchange booking portal offers online and cross-club networking of entire regions and enables the integration of hotels and travel agencies into the booking process in real time. This makes the portal the ideal marketing platform for golf-related, seasonal combination offers.
It offers a novel pricing flexibility that enables golf clubs to maximise capacity utilisation together with hotels ("yield management"). Golf clubs can thus create attractive voucher quotas and offer them online. As a hotel partner (agent), you can purchase vouchers directly, settle accounts and offer golfers attractive golf break offers from start times with overnight stays, breakfast etc. at an attractive total price. Hotel partners can present their golf break offers directly in the golf booking portal and thus directly address customers without wastage. Detailed offer information and booking options can be found via a link on the respective hotel website. The golfer can book his starting time online in the booking portal and then redeem his voucher in the club.

Our agent module has the following features:

  • Uniform registration of all agents (hotels, travel agencies) with creation of a "super administrator" who can create individual authorized users for agent companies.
  • Booking of vouchers with individual pricing per week.
  • Individual pricing for individual agents according to the price list of the suite, pricing also allows different cancellation rules to be set.
  • Accounting of booked services, which is visible for GC operators as well as agents in the web, which are always added up to the lower creditor limit.
  • Cancellation bookings are displayed in the dashboard, where chargeable cancellations are also booked accordingly.
  • GC-operator sets lower creditor limit = billing limit, which then automatically triggers billing before defined standard billing date (monthly/quarterly).
  • GC operator enters upper billing limit, which cannot be exceeded. If agent exceeds threshold, no more bookings are accepted. Agent must pay the invoice triggered after exceeding the lower threshold, then account is automatically set to zero with account reconciliation and booking can be continued.

Dynamic corporate membership


The basis of the "Membership-Sharing-Model" is that one wants to keep the calculated round fee low for the individual eligible player in order to keep the non-monetary remuneration low. This is done by compensating the higher value of the dynamic membership (shared membership) by the hole sponsoring contract. 18 sponsor options are available for an 18 hole course. As a golf course operator you can sell 2, 3 or more memberships per hole and pack the difference in value into the sponsorship contract. This creates a win-win situation for all participants, as the golf membership can be used from untaxed income.

The Membership Sharing Model

With the new model, you can now use your corporate membership even more flexibly and cost-effectively because you can vary the number of eligible players per membership. With an efficient administration tool, you can manage the list of eligible players online and change the list by simply adding or removing them. A guestbook for customers or suppliers is also easy. You set the tee times dynamically and flexibly, print them out or send them by e-mail to the invited person. The golf club immediately recognizes the booking as a corporate membership booking. Your employees book the tee time online and immediately have an overview of available starting times, without having to rely on the secretariat in the company or at the golf course.

More space for your customers

With a dynamic company membership, the company can make optimal use of your offer by having several people share one or more memberships. Players or guests can - depending on dynamisation - use the space. You determine the number of eligible players per dynamic membership with the company in advance.
The administration of the play authorizations is conceivably simple: the company coworkers steer even the list of the entitled ones on-line. The employees then book online and are recognized by the club like individual member bookings. A combination of employees or guests of the company is also possible at any time (e.g. two employees and one guest playing at the same time). If the membership quota has been exhausted, the practical online tool also offers the possibility of booking additional players as guests or green fee players on the course. Players who have a permanent nomination can also conveniently book tee times for a fee online if the quota is exhausted.
Any person nominated by the company and for whom the corresponding time has been booked in the online portal can play. The company guests who play on Green Fee receive their bag day at the reception.

Stable new source of income for your club

By using the new model you can win new clientele from the management of the companies for your golf club. As the company pays for the membership, the costs for the eligible player are significantly lower compared to an individual membership. A combination of employees or guests of the company is also possible at any time (e.g. two employees and one guest playing simultaneously). The versatile definition possibilities of the new model help you to optimise your space utilisation in a targeted manner.

More flexibility for your customers - less effort for you!

Up to now, the administration of the gaming rights was associated with a lot of effort. Despite better utilization of the space, the Nexxchange solution will only require a small amount of time and effort. You can offer the memberships as 5 days (Monday to Friday) or as 7 days membership (Monday to Sunday). The management of the company memberships takes over the respective company itself, the administration of the game beneficiaries is handled via the online portal nexxchange.com. The booking and administration of the start times is carried out autonomously by the eligible players themselves, with fully integrated quota management.