Welcome to our Nexxchange-Portal!

The Nexxchange-Portal offers everything you need for your daily business:

We feature our Golf Club management software, widgets, cooperation within various regions, the Nexxchange-App, online payment with credit cards, issuing vouchers and much more.

Function Overview:

  • Our Golf Club management software - The "GolfSuite"

It features an exclusive web-based platform, an integrated software solution (cloud-based B2B service "Software as a service") with all Golf Club management modules you may require for your daily business (membership management, online Tee Time booking, managing and creating tournaments, POS cash management and much more)

  • Nexxchange-Marketplace

Public visibility via a single platform, our Nexxchange-Marketplace, in which the accounting is done directly by the Golf Club.
A fully integrated, centralized and broadly available booking platform, which allows:
  1. Online booking of Greenfees and rental items (including inventory management)
  2. Tournament management and publication - Including a billing system
  3. A network of interactions between: Golfers, Golf Clubs, local/foreign hotels, national/foreign travel agencies, connected through a single centralized and easily accessible system from anywhere.
    The sale of Greenfees is done directly by the operator of the Golf Club, not through Nexxchange. If the operator is a non-profit Golf Club or not, it can freely choose to sell the Greenfees with or without taxes.
    This depends on the operating Golf Club and their regulations.
  • Languages

We offer you the possibility to display our site in the following, currently available, languages:
Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish, Slovenian.
  • Payment by Credit Card

The Nexxchange Marketplace allows players - with a credit card - to book all affiliated products directly and uncomplicated. 
In addition of including credit card as a means of payment, it offers a smooth booking process, available for all our customers - which can be saved to be used any other time.
This gives players the security of knowing they will get their money back if they cancel on time - All within the respective, agreed cancellation conditions of each Golf Club's booking policy.
Players who deposit their credit card once during a booking process can directly book all online-available products and services at a later time.
Thanks to our booking system, using the credit card as a payment method guarantees the player the security of the refund of the amount paid, taking into account the cancellation terms of each Golf Club's booking policy - Which is shown during the booking process. 
We believe online-availability, like our Marketplace, is the future of Greenfee-Sales, bringing together players, hotels, travel agencies and Golf Clubs - All in one connecting hub.
The booking process contains the following functions:
    • Benefits for players: 

      • Transparent communication of each Golf Club's cancellation conditions, being accepted by players
        • View the terms and conditions for the free cancellation in your Order-Overview. When the deadline for free cancellation has been exceeded, 
          you will be notified about this circumstance by our system
        • Possibility of partial cancellation for individual players (except the one who placed the booking)
        • Automatic refund if within the cancellation deadline
          • Notification via SMS of the cancellation of your placed booking, free of charge, if e.g. weather conditions impede the playability completely

        • Notification from the manager regarding the playability of a course in X hours / Extension of non-playability

        • Reservation of rental items
        • Automatic authorization of a payment-reservation within 7 days of the booking placed, in order to avoid refunds
        • Online viewing of Golf Club receipts and customer account cancellation receipts
    • Benefits for managers:
      • Automatic process of receiving payments, cancellations reconcilable with modern accounting systems

      • Expansion of the domestic and foreign user base thanks to an universal database, eliminating the need to create separate, individual entities and linking it with each Golf Club (similar to the Amazon Marketplace)
      • Foreign players can book courses directly in their (if supported) native language
    • General, important information: 

      • Nexxchange does not charge for bookings through agents (hotels or travel agencies) - This is handled by each Golf Club's booking policy

  • Voucher - Package offer

Our platform offers flexibility in price management which allows you to increase the percentage in several fields of potential yield ("Yield Management"). Golf Clubs can create attractive voucher packages for their customers and make them available online. Furthermore, agents can directly purchase these voucher packages in order to combine them with overnight stays or other offers.
Agents can present their personalized offers on the Nexxchange-Marketplace, which are made visible once customers book Tee Times. Details on the offers and booking possibilities can be found on the link of the corresponding agent's website. These can be directly purchased by customers eligible for it.

  • Mobile Version

Our responsive and user-friendly design makes it possible to use our platform on any mobile device and on any browser.
  • Target Group

  1. Guests
  2. Club members
  3. Clients/Agents
  4. Hotel owners, partners, hotel-guests (domestic and abroad)
  5. Travel agencies/Tour operators (domestic and abroad)
  • Widgets

Integration of widgets on your Home page (free and suitable for mobile devices), integrated directly into the web page in question to establish a connection between:
  • Golf Club
  • Tourist boards
  • Regional entities 
Online bookings for Greenfee-players (tourists & frequent guests). Partner hotels can be shown directly online on the respective homepage and are updated in real time.
All bookings are synced frequently, in real time, between the Nexxchange-GolfSuite and the online-displayed Tee Times - including those utilizing our API-integration.
  • Regional cooperations between Golf Clubs

We enable regional cooperations, allowing our customers to increase the product variety through a more accessible cooperation, utilizing our Nexxchange-Portal, between managers of Golf Clubs.

It allows marketing actions at a regional level.
  • Booking conditions for hotels and travel agencies

Hotels and traveling agencies can establish connections directly with our supported Golf Clubs, engaging in negotiations for booking conditions in each Golf Club . The Golf Club can define: 

  • The billing interval 

  • The credit limit

  • The Golf Club can define different times and availabilities for Tee Times for agents to book
  • Excluding the voucher offers, distinct prices can be defined separately for each agent booking

  • Our real-time, optimized and direct booking process allows for 24/7 booking requests to be processed

  • Booked Tee Times are shown for each agent and reviewed, ready to be changed and edited any time

Invoices are created for each Golf Club, which can be specified furthermore:

  • Either settled automatically or defined as an on-site payment to be payed directly by the arriving guest/customer

  • These are integrated using our Nexxchange-Marketplace and the GolfSuite used directly by Golf Clubs

Invoices can be viewed individually by agents (if required). Alternatively they can be sent directly by E-Mail from the Golf Club, using our versatile GolfSuite.
  • Vouchers / Automatic vouchers without a displayed price

Agreements between Golf Clubs and hotels are perfectly integrated into the platform. These offers can be sold and purchased individually on our Nexxchange-Marketplace.
The actual price of the Greenfee can be made invisible, if the Golf Club supports this.

Booking processes made available 24/7, reservations accepted in real time, booking changes updated in real time, counting processes and an overview of ongoing transactions.

The automated, simplified booking process reduces the necessary time to a minimum for hotels, agents, travel agencies utilizing the Nexxchange-Marketplace. 

Available Tee Times are updated in real time, so you will be notified immediately about your successful booking (also by E-Mail).